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What separates mobile app creators from mobile app IDEs is the provision for automation in the app creators. Of course, when an app creator goes too far in the direction of automation, it becomes steadily less useful for developing real-world apps as opposed to cookie-cutter apps. The best development environments try to combine the visual editing features of a more automated app creator with the ability to access more low-level features as with an IDE.

Automation for Skilled Developers

However, it’s possible to go too far in avoiding automation in a mobile app development environment. Some automation is always useful even for experienced developers, because it allows the developer to skip time-consuming but less important steps and focus on the most important distinctive aspects of an app. One way of helping advanced mobile development using automation is through templates that allow the creation of relatively sophisticated working apps already connected to a particular REST API or already using a feature like OAuth.

One further development in this approach is to generate a sophisticated working app for a particular type of app. And what could be a more typical app than the venerable database-based CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) type of app.

App Creator Express

At Appery.io, we’ve added this capability in through our App Creator Express feature. This feature is always available as an extension in the Builder. App Creator Express automatically learns about your app’s model or database and then generates pages, REST services, mappings between the pages and the services, and app logic. The result is a technically complete mobile app with an API back end.The developer then has a completely runnable app to add more value to.

See for yourself in this demo:

[videojs width=”900″ height=”506″ youtube=”https://youtu.be/zh1i-9×17-A”]