January 2015

» Appery.io Review by Infoworld!

» Bootstrap & AngularJS Support
» New OAuth 2 Template
» Webinar Crash Course
» DevNexus 2015

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Webinar Crach Course for 2015

New OAuth 2 Template


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Building Apps with Appery.io Push Notifications

Recent Webinars:

Building Apps with the Appery.io Database

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In the News: Appery.io beats Appcelerator and Parse in review by Infoworld!

Infoworld recently published a great product review of Appery.io, highlighting our unique advantage as a complete platform, including an App Builder and integrated Backend Services. As a result of the review, Infoworld recommends Appery.io over Appcelerator and Parse!

“You can think of it as a cross between an app builder and an MBaaS (Mobile Back end as a Service),” said reviewer and author, Martin Heller. “I found the app builder easy to learn and use. Appery.io has done a good job of designing its IDE,” Heller commented.

Read the whole review here.

Upcoming support for Bootstrap and AngularJS frameworks

We are happy to announce that Bootstrap and AngularJS support is slated to begin in the first week of March!

Both AngularJS and Bootstrap have grown significantly in popularity amongst developers in recent years. Why?

  • AngularJS improves productivity significantly by requiring less code, and it provides outstanding support for the MVC (Model-View-Controller) development pattern.​
  • Bootstrap is the leading JS framework for responsive web applications, which is a critical feature for creating web apps that automatically adapt to provide the best user experience regardless of the device type.

Stay tuned for more updates about our upcoming support through our blog.


Announcing our new OAuth 2 template

We are pleased to announce that we’ve added another useful tool to the Appery.io App Builder - the OAuth 2 Template plug-in! Added with the goal of making OAuth 2 authentication easier, it allows you to authenticate with many popular services. The new plug-in is a set of parameters, services, JavaScript code, and sequential logic that matches the OAuth 2.0 flow. All you need to do is configure this plug-in for your needs by adding certain API keys and URLs!

For more info, check out our blog post.

Get up to speed quickly with this Appery.io crash course

We've rolled out a crash course of five webinars for learning about putting Appery.io to work for you quickly. Read all about the course here. The next one is:

Building Apps with Appery.io Push Notifications

Wednesday, February 11, 2014, 11am Pacific

Stay tuned to our Plancast for all of our upcoming events, and check out our blog for news and new features!

Join us at DevNexus 2015

Join us March 10th in Atlanta GA, for DevNexus 2015, where Head of Developer Relations, Max Katz, will be speaking about APIs and cloud tools for rapid mobile app development.

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