November 2014

» Appery.io at the Gartner AADI

» Bimodal IT Article
» IDC Analysis
Modev Conference
» Three Capabilities to Consider

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Max Katz
Head of Developer Relations


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Meet With Us! We're at the Gartner AADI Summit

The Appery.io team is at booth 110 at the 2014 Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit, in Las Vegas, Nevada! The event runs from December 8-10, 2014.

Come visit our booth! We're discussing bimodal IT and the importance of its role in the enterprise today. 

Learn more here!

Implementing Bimodal IT  

Fima Katz, CEO of Exadel, the maker of Appery.io, recently had an article on implenting a bimodal IT plan published on SandHill.com, a top a top online source for business insights into software.

In his short, informative piece, Fima discusses the bimodal IT approach that helps enterprises answer the question of how to make apps in a timely way to meet the ever-escalating demand for more mobile access to the enterprise.

Read the article here!

Appery.io "Makes the Short List," Says IDC Report

"The Exadel Appery.io mobile platform makes the short list for enterprises seeking to pursue major mobile application development initiatives." -IDC report.

Exadel, the creator of Appery.io, was recently analyzed by IDC, a leading market research, analysis, and advisory firm.

To learn more, and purchase the report, entitled, "Exadel Appery.io: Leveraging Services to MBaaS Inroads," check out the link.

Find the report here!

Modev Conference

Max Katz, Head of Developer Relations, will be speaking at the Modev Conference 2014, in Arlington, VA, on Friday, December 12, 11:30am ET.

He will lead a session covering how to quickly use cloud tools to build enterprise mobile apps with APIs! You'll be able to build a real HTML5/PhoneGap mobile app that talks to an API backend and test the app on your phone!

Attendance info can be found here!

Three Capabilities to Consider 

Check out Exadel CEO Fima Katz' other recent article. Published on the Mobile Market Portal, the article covers the three capabilities you need to consider when selecting a modern enterprise mobile platform.

Read the article here!



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