Newsletter - January 2014

New Features Keep Rolling Out has been very reliable in terms of rolling out new features for continuous improvement of the platform. In January, we did it again. This is what's new:

  • weinre for debugging the app while testing in the browser or on the device

  • "Secure REST" to keep your secret keys, credentials, and other data safe from being opened by app users

  • Server Code scripts as REST services

  • More information about possible causes for binary build failures

  • New UI components: Panel, YouTube, and Vimeo

  • Support for the "form" tag in the HTML component

  • iOS 7 theme and icons for binary build

  • Launch images (splash screens) for iOS and Android apps

  • Ability to change the e-mail address for your account

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What's New in the Latest Update

More Changes Kicking In Soon

On February 11, we'll be rolling out some significant changes to accounts in terms of teams and pricing. We'll be improving the team support, making things much clearer. These changes will include restricting sharing to within teams. We'll also be ratcheting up the prices for our plans and simplifying the pricing for additional seats. (Don't worry -- for existing users, as long as your plan stays the same, you will continue to pay your existing rate.)

And, there are more changes. Apple is now mandating the use of Xcode 5 for iOS binaries. On February 11, support for this will be added to (While we're at it, we will also be updating to jQuery Mobile 1.4.)

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Upcoming Pricing and Team Feature Updates

Upcoming Update to Xcode 5 – Please Note

Webinars, Webinars

We held two lively and informative webinars in January:

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned to our Plancast for all of our upcoming events. Here are two upcoming webinars:

Thank you,
Max Katz and the rest of the team

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