Newsletter - March 2014

Make an App in under an Hour? No Problem!

We had a very successful trip to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Interactive conference with our partner Edmunds in the CircusMashimus. The "API Challenge" sponsored by Edmunds generated a lot of interest. The premise was simple: build a cool app with the Edmunds API and, show it to us in the booth, and get a chance to win a raffle for some exciting items like iPad Minis, Kindle Fires, and Mophie Powerpacks. Congratulations to the winners:

  • Radish Lab (@edwerd)
  • GESTURES (@gesturescamera)

We loved how the GESTURES team was able to develop their app in under an hour!

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Make the Mobile Mind Shift

Forrester's Forum For Technology Management Leaders in Orlando, Florida is all about teaching you how to develop quick-win, high-impact digital capabilities. We're quite pleased to be sponsoring this exciting enterprise event. If you haven't registered yet, use the promo code TM14S to save $405 off the regular rate.

If you are there, come meet our team in the Emerging Pavilion. We can explain how making the mobile mind shift can help your company unleash your digital business. Contact Francisco Kattan to pre-arrange a meeting.

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Forrester's Forum For Technology Management Leaders

Webinars Past

In March, we held two webinars that focused on specific topics. Check out the recordings:

Webinars Future

Stay tuned to our Plancast for all of our upcoming events. We have two webinars planned for April. The first one will be focused on a specific feature; the second will be a broader overview of our newer features.

Thank you,
Max Katz and the rest of the team

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