Newsletter - April 2014

New Deployment Model Announced

At the recent Forrester's Forum For Technology Management Leaders, we announced a brand-new deployment model for, designed to allow all enterprises to accelerate their mobile innovation. The new deployment model option allows for a private deployment of either on customer premises, managed by the customer, or in our cloud, managed by us. We also support hybrids approaches where only a section of the platform is deployed behind the customer's firewall, so it can more easily integrate with enterprise data.

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Exadel Announces New Deployment Options for

New Webinars

We’ve recently uploaded two new webinars. Check out the recordings:

Upcoming Webinars

Stay tuned to our Plancast for all of our upcoming events. We just had another webinar on May 14th. It covered building a mobile app using the Facebook API. Now, we have two more coming up:

Both showcase the ability of to deliver enterprise-level apps.

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