Newsletter - May 2013
May 2013

One IDE to Rule Them All!

Following on the heels of our recent launch, App Developer Magazine has published a full review of We're happy to report that the editors gave really good marks. Some excerpts:

�What if there was an environment that allowed you to focus on your app rather than on your app's environment? ... that allowed you to focus your efforts on the creative process and less on trying to keep up with multiple development environments ... to create enterprise class apps that run as mobile websites in the cloud, or natively ... with a library of APIs ... and that wouldn't require you to struggle through a web of installation and setup on your computer ... In short ... One IDE to rule them all."

Check it out for yourself on their website!

New! Build Salesforce Apps with

Check out our new plug-ins for Salesforce and start building CRM apps on The plug-ins simplify the process of oAuth 2.0 integration and provide your app with ready access to Salesforce data. (You can also add social features to your apps using the Chatter API.)

Take a look at the documentation for this feature.

Our CEO in the News on How to Select the Right PaaS

TechTarget tapped Fima Katz, our CEO and founder, for his expertise on how to select the right PaaS (Platform as a Service). Here is the excerpt:

Fima Katz, CEO of Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Exadel Inc., a global software engineering company, emphasizes that developers themselves should have a say in what PaaS they will use. "You need to make sure your developers feel comfortable with the languages, the skills needed, what's covered and what's not covered with the PaaS," he said.
Even after developer needs and cloud goals have been addressed, there's still one more final piece to the PaaS puzzle, according to Katz: the reliability of the vendor. Katz advises asking pressing questions about a vendor's staying power before investing in its PaaS.
"How reliable is the vendor? What if you put a lot of stake in [a vendor], and then tomorrow it's gone?" he said. "Your project is on the line."

Read the whole article.

Upcoming Webinars and Events

  • Please register for our introductory webinar this Wednesday, June 5 (11am Pacific Time).
  • In case you missed our joint webinar with Mashery, check out the recording here.
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