Newsletter - June 2014 Partners with ForgeRock

We’re pleased to announce that is partnering with ForgeRock, the leading open platfrom provider of Identity Relationship Management (IRM) in response to the enterprise demand for secure mobile apps. Part of ForgeRock’s One Technology Partnership program, the partnership with will enable mutual clients to accelerate their time-to-market for apps that use next-gen identity and security services.

Use to build your hack, and compete for $30k+ in prizes. You can compete from the comfort of your own home, or in person in Madrid, Spain; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Pune, India; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For ForgeRock, the decision to partner with was a simple one. “We chose to team up with because of its visual development environment and easy integration with cloud services and enterprise systems,” said Rich Link, vice president of business and corporate development at ForgeRock.

Free trials are immediately available to ForgeRock customers, and the joint platform is scheduled to be rolled out in Q3 2014.

Find out more... and ForgeRock Partnership

And check out our presentation at the recent ForgeRock Identity Relationship Management Summit...

Mobile Application Development

Join Us to Learn How to Build a Complete HTML5 App

We'll be at three meetups in July showing you how to build a complete HTML5 app with Join us July 8th in Boulder, CO; July 9th in Denver, CO; or July 16th in Atlanta, GA. At these meetups, you'll be able to learn how to build a complete, working app during the live coding session, where attendees will be able to test the app as it’s being built. Customer Berger Ltd. Quoted in Computerworld Article

Luc Fournier, analyst and technology adviser to Berger Ltd., an client, was qouted extensively in the recent Computerworld article, "App development in the cloud gets speedy, gains traction". Fournier mentions; praising it's support team, in-place software and infrastructure; and discusses the general benefits of using a cloud-based platform.

Read the article here...

"App Development in the cloud..."

EZAPP Case Study Now Available

We recently published a new case study, this one featuring Israel-based company EZAPP. They use to provide applications as a service to their estimated 100,000 SOHO and SMB enterprises users, allowing their clients to better manage their own customers and increase revenue.

EZAPP chose because of our awesome plug-ins, fantastic support, simple-to-use templates, and easy access to source code.

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EZAPP Case Study

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