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Integrate Your App with Salesforce Quickly Using New Saleforce1 Features

As highlighted in this Forbes article and this blog post, became much more tightly integrated with the Salesforce1 Platform just in time for the Salesforce Dreamforce conference that just ended. App developers can now add access to any Salesforce object directly to their app through an Add New/Salesforce Services menu option or through the built-in Salesforce plug-in without having to go through any extra steps. Also, on the UI side, this same Salesforce plug-in provides a set of Salesforce page templates and components making it even easier to integrate with Salesforce.

(Let's not forget all the other great new improvements mentioned in the blog post: overall speed, upgraded Push with filtering and scheduling, upgraded Server Code editing with code assist and collapsing code views, new jQuery Mobile themes, new versions of Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) and jQuery Mobile, and faster app testing in the browser.)

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Visit the + Salesforce page Part of the Dream at the Dreamforce Developer Zone Hackathon

The team was out in full force at Dreamforce 2013. We announced key enhancements that make the fastest way to build mobile apps for the Salesforce1 Platform. Max Katz's presentation on building Salesforce1 apps with was very well received (standing room only). In the hackathon, a number of teams chose for their projects. It was very satisfying to our team to be there on the floor to provide technical support to those teams.

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Exadel to Launch Key Enhancements at Dreamforce '13 (post, video)

Learn How the Partnership Speeds Up the Delivery of Apps

The cloud-based mobile app platform and the Heroku (owned by Salesforce) cloud-based web app platform have teamed up to simplify the future of mobile development. In this webinar, we'll show you how to seamlessly connect these two platforms for app deployment to the Heroku platform.

  • Heroku Product Manager Michael Friis will talk about the Heroku API/oAuth and why Heroku chose to partner with and Exadel.

  • Exadel's Product Manager Max Katz will briefly intro and then demonstrate with Heroku integration.

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Deliver Mobile Apps Faster with, Heroku, and Salesforce1
December 5th, 2013, Thursday, 10am Pacific

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