Newsletter - December 2013

Goodbye to a Great 2013 / Hello 2014! as a mobile app platform didn't even exist at this time last year. It didn't launch till April. However, during that short time, it's been quite a ride. Too much has gone on to cover it all in this space, so we made the review of 2013 (and preview for 2014) into a blog post. It's all there: feature enhancements, partnerships, hackathons, conferences, webinars, market analysis, awards, and a look at the coming year.

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ForgeRock Identity Management and in Action at MoDevEast

We just got back from MoDevEast ( in Washington, D.C., the leading mobile development conference in the nation’s capital. We were invited to speak on the topic of mobile identity management, so we brought along ForgeRock, a partner of ours with whom we deployed an identity management solution for McKesson. In a conference presentation, our Francisco Kattan and ForgeRock's Allan Foster (VP, Technology and Standards) demonstrated "Point and Click" identity management: building mobile apps with single sign-on across the enterprise. Stay tuned for more from ForgeRock and

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Webinar Reveals How, Heroku, and Salesforce1 Work Together

On December 5th, team members gathered with some of the Heroku team for a webinar to discuss how to deliver mobile apps faster with, Heroku, and Salesforce1. Heroku Product Manager Michael Friis went over Heroku API/oAuth and why Heroku chose to partner with Then, Product Manager Max Katz did a brief overview of followed by a demonstration of with Heroku integration. After this, we wrapped up with a lot of questions.

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Upcoming Events

Stay tuned to our Plancast for all of our upcoming events. Here are two upcoming webinars:

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