Tiggzi Newsletter - November 2012
November 2012

Tiggzi Jumps out of the Gate with Windows 8 Support!

The latest general release of the Tiggzi mobile app platform allows you to build Windows 8 apps for tablets and desktops with native Windows 8 support. This support includes special Windows 8 capabilities such as Snap View, Search Charm, Share Charm, and Live Tile! To create a new Windows 8 app, just select Windows 8 App as the app type when you create a new app with the new (default) HTML5 builder.

As part of this general release, we're planning some exciting events.

The Tiggzi Windows 8 Challenge

We're sponsoring an app development contest with some great prizes! The rules are simple. Use Tiggzi's app builder to build your useful, high-quality Windows 8 app using Tiggzi back-end services, and then get it into the Windows Store. Once done, you can win one of ten prizes for each of two drawings (in January and February) including Dell XPS and Microsoft Surface devices.

Tiggzi Webinar

Want a quick run-down on the new features? You're in luck. Just join our developer evangelist, Max Katz, in an upcoming webinar on December 13 (11am Pacific Time), where he will demonstrate our new capabilities and answer your questions. Reserve your place by registering now.

New HTML5-based App Builder

Our new builder, implemented entirely with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, is now the default builder when creating new apps. The new app builder has a much faster load time, better performance, and will enable us to add new features much faster (for example, source highlighting, code assist, and full-screen mode).

With the new builder, we have launched a new docs site located at http://docs.tiggzi.com. You can also try our updated tutorials http://docs.tiggzi.com/tutorials/

Transition Plan to HTML5-based App Builder

We are making the transition from the old app builder to the new builder as smooth as possible. It wil include two phases:

  1. Now: Only the HTML5-based builder can be used for building new projects.
  2. A few weeks from now (exact date to be determined): If you open a project built with the old builder, you will be asked if you want to convert to the new format. If you say no, you'll still be able to use the old Flash-based builder on the project.

New Built-in Support for Push Notifications

In the new release, we are introducing yet another new addition to back-end services for the Tiggzi platform: push notifications. This service will help Tiggzi developers send messages to their users on Android and iOS devices increasing the level of engagement. Our implementation allows you to have all the benefits of a hybrid mobile application along with providing a unified interface for working with Apple Push and Android Cloud Messaging.

Simplified and Lower Tiggzi Platform Pricing

We’re happy to introduce new pricing that makes it easier and less expensive to integrate back-end services into your apps. Starting today, when you sign up for "Tiggzi Platform" you will be automatically subscribed to both Tiggzi App Builder and Tiggzi Backend Services for a more attractive price.

  • Tiggzi Platform Standard: $40/month (compared to $45/month with the old pricing).
    • Additional App Builder user $5/month (compared to $15/month)
  • Tiggzi Platform Pro: $180/month (compared to $200/month).
    • Additional App Builder user $20/month (compared to $50/month)

New Annual Pricing

We’re also happy to introduce new annual pricing for Tiggzi App Builder. Starting today you can enjoy a full year subscription for the price of only 5 monthly subscriptions.

  • Tiggzi App Builder Standard is priced at $75 per year (compared to $15 per month)
  • Tiggzi App Builder Pro is priced at $250 per year (compared to $50 per month).
For more details on pricing, see http://tiggzi.com/pricing

Need Help?

If you need help, you can always contact us on the forum, via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or our blog.

Thank you,
Max Katz and the rest of the Tiggzi team


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