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Accelerate Mobile Innovation in the Enterprise

Integrated mobile backend services (MBaaS), so you can focus on your apps, not infrastructure, including database, push, and server code

Cross-Platform Development


The Appery.io Database is a cloud database that provides instant storage for your mobile app. It’s powerful, scalable, and provides instant integration with the App Builder.

Push Notifications

Increase engagement by sending messages to your users even when your app isn’t running. Both Apple Push and Android Cloud Messaging are supported.

User Management

Easily add user registration to your app, including support for social identities from Facebook, Twitter and Google.

File Management

With built-in file management, easily upload and store any kind of file from the app. Pictures taken with the phone’s camera can be easily uploaded to the database.

Visual Web Console

The Appery.io Database comes with a powerful web console to manage the database. The web console allows you to create new databases, collections, define columns and even enter sample data, quickly get the REST API commands for any operation, and even run and test your queries.

Instant REST APIs

All Appery.io backend services expose REST APIs that can be accessed with the App Builder or a 3rd party tool. Point to a database and select the services you want to generate. All the REST API services will be instantly created and configured to work with your database.

Query Editor

Quickly test your data and run queries with the built-in query editor.

Server Code

Server Code enables the use of custom business logic stored in the Appery.io cloud without the need to build and maintain server infrastructure.

Jobs Scheduler

Schedule one-time or recurring backend jobs via the jobs scheduler.

Secure Communication

All the Appery.io services use the HTTPS protocol to ensure data security.

Appery.io Secure Proxy

The Appery.io Secure Proxy allows you to keep sensitive data on the server. A URL filter is also available to restrict allowed access.

Appery.io Proxy

Use the Appery.io Proxy so you can call APIs that don’t support cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) during development.


Integrate with existing DevOps and other infrastructure with Webhooks. You can automatically send HTTP POST requests to specified URLs when particular events occur.

HTML5 App Hosting

You can easily host your HTML5 mobile app on name.app.appery.io or a custom domain name at no extra cost.