Use to Build Responsive Apps! Now with support for AngularJS & Bootstrap

The App Builder has had some awesome new updates! The main update is the new AngularJS and Bootstrap visual builder.

The new visual builder uses AngularJS and Twitter's Bootstrap as a basis. The visual tools are almost completely the same, including drag-and-drop functionality and data mapping. This update allows you to build mobile and responsive web apps fast that look great across all device types and screen sizes: phones, tablets, and desktops!

The complete list of updates includes:

  1. New AngularJS & Bootstrap Visual Builder
  2. New "App Creator Express" feature
  3. Themes moved to plug-in section in the UI
  4. Server Code UI upgrade

Check out this blog post to learn more!
Please join the What's New in webinar for a demo! Makes the Forrester Shortlist

Forrester Research, one of the most well-respected technology and market research companies in the world, has included in their recently published report, "Choose The Right Mobile Development Solutions." In it, they've placed on their shortlist of 5 mobile app platforms-as-a-service

"These offerings take the general platform-as-a-service concept (PaaS) and apply it specifically to mobile development. Mobile app cloud platforms include visual tools, but they also add other development metaphors like workflow definition tools, business rules, and data access painters. Examples of mobile app PaaS platforms include Exadel with"

Read more in their full report and follow the link to learn about's MBaaS solution.

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On March 19th, we'll be at Mobile Day Mexico where Max Katz, head of developer relations, will be speaking about accelerated app development with

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