Below you’ll find answers to the questions our customers ask us the most:

General Questions

What happens to my apps when the trial period expires?

When the trial period ends or a paid account is canceled due to missed payments, the account will be deactivated, and users will be denied access to apps and back-end services. Customers will regain access to their apps if they subscribe to a paid plan within 60 days of their subscription being canceled.

Do I get a complete mobile app with service packs?

Services packs do not deliver complete apps. Service packs are intended to augment your team with Appery.io experts. If you’d like our team to build you a complete app you can hire us full time. Please use the Contact Us page for details.

Is my payment information secure?

Yes, we never see your credit card information, and we don’t keep it on our servers. The payment is processed by Chargify, a reliable industry leader.

I still have questions — how do I contact you?

Via email (support@appery.io), or on Twitter.


Do you offer education plans for schools?

Many educational institutions use Appery.io as part of their curriculum. Educators, please contact us at hello@appery.io if you need a plan that requires 25 or more student seats with collaboration options. We don’t currently offer discounts for education plans.

Do you offer custom plans?

Yes! Go to the advanced settings section of the plan customization page to change your plan’s parameters. For an additional fee, all users can add more screens. Pro, Team, and Enterprise users can also add more apps and developer seats. If your project requires additional customization, or if you’re interested in private deployment or enterprise-grade SLA options, please use the Contact Us page or email us at enterprise@appery.io.

Do you offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

We offer SLAs as part of our Enterprise plans.

Please use the Contact Us page or email us at enterprise@appery.io at any time.

Can you explain the script limits?

  • Script Exec. Time — the maximum time the script will be allowed to run
  • Burst Rate: Script — the maximum number of requests per second
  • Concurrent Scripts — the maximum number of scheduled scripts
  • Script Exec. Interval — the minimum time interval between invoking scheduled scripts
  • Burst Rate API: Database, Proxy — the maximum number of requests per second to the database and proxy
  • Throughput — the maximum bandwidth (in megabytes) per minute

How do you define a developer seat?

A “developer seat”, in terms of our pricing plans, is someone who uses Appery.io to build an app. It is NOT someone who downloads or uses a finalized app created with Appery.io.

Can you explain the app version limit?

Versioning allows you to create a version of the app and then restore it at any point. Think of it as a built-in source control for your entire app. Every plan gets a different number of possible versions.

What’s a platform API call?

Any call to the Appery.io back end is considered a platform API call. This can be a single platform API call (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) from a mobile app to API Express, Server Code, or the Appery.io database. A single push notification call is also considered a platform API call. For example, creating a new user is a single platform API call. Getting a list of ten products is as well. Making a request that returns no data also counts as one request.

How many developer seats are included in a subscription plan?

See our plans and pricing page for the default number of developer seats for each plan. Extra developer seats can be added to the Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans for an additional fee. Unlimited developer seats can be added to custom and/or enterprise plans. Feel free to contact us at support@appery.io any time to discuss your individual requirements. Please note that Appery.io does not limit the number of end users that can use your app(s). Limitations refer only to developers within your team.

Does every additional developer seat get the same number of apps and allotment for platform API calls?

No. All resources, including the number of apps and allotment of platform API calls, pushes, and storage are shared among all users under one account. In order to increase the number of apps, allotment of platform API calls, or any other resources, you should upgrade to a more comprehensive plan. If you already have an Enterprise-level subscription, please contact us for custom plans.

Do you count API calls to back-end services during development and testing?

Yes, an API call is counted every time the service is invoked (regardless if the call is done during development, testing, or production).

What does support include?

What is included in the Enterprise plan support services?

The Enterprise plan includes 5 hours per month of dedicated professional support service with coding, custom application logic, third-party libraries, API integration, and debugging. 

Enterprise plan hours must be used within one monthly billing cycle and do not roll over to subsequent months.

Is there a difference between the free trial and the Pro plan?

The Trial is the same as the Pro plan with three exceptions: 

1) The Pro plan comes with four developer seats instead of one

2) During the trial period, support is limited to the forum 

3) You will not be able to back up your apps during the trial period

How many pages can an app have?

Customers on the Beginners plan have a default limit of five pages, but can customize their plans to include as many as 12. Pro, Team, and Enterprise users’ new apps have a default limit of 50 pages. For the majority of business mobile apps, this is more than enough. The limit is there primarily to ensure good App Builder and browser performance. Once you go over the limit, the App Builder and browser performance can be significantly impacted. But, if you need more pages, send an email to our support team and we will work to configure your plan to fit your needs.

Can I increase the number of screens on my Beginners plan?

Yes! The Beginners plan comes with five screens by default. Go to your Account, click the Plan subtab, select Change Plan, and then click on Advanced Settings to increase your limit to as many as twelve screens. You can make this adjustment both during the purchase process and after your plan has already started.

My plan is grandfathered. Is there anything I should know about a grandfathered plan?

  • You can keep your grandfathered plan as long as you keep the subscription active.
  • If you need to make a change to your plan (edit number of users, upgrade/downgrade), you will need to select one of the current plans.
  • If your payment lapses, you will need to select one of the plans currently on offer. We cannot move you back to the grandfathered plan.


Is there a minimum commitment or contract?

There is no minimum commitment for monthly plans. There is a twelve-month commitment for annual plans.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time; however, we don’t offer refunds for the remaining billing period.

What is your refund policy?

Appery.io has several subscription plans, all of which are non-refundable. We recommend that you first sign up for the free trial to see if Appery.io is the right fit for you.

If I upgrade my plan in the middle of the billing cycle, how will I be charged?

If you opt for a monthly plan, we will prorate the unused portion of your existing plan and apply it as a credit toward your new plan. A new billing cycle will begin on the same date.


For annual billing plans, we charge the difference between your current plan and the new plan. Your renewal date will stay the same. On the next renewal date, we will charge the full amount for your new annual plan.


Note: If you upgrade to the Enterprise plan during an active subscription, the 5 hours of support services will be prorated and adjusted to the unused portion of the billing cycle.

If I downgrade my plan in the middle of the billing cycle, how will I be charged?

We don’t offer refunds for the time remaining within a given billing period. However, the unused portion of an existing plan can be prorated and applied as a credit toward a new plan.


The same applies should you decide to remove (an) additional user seat(s) from your account — this will be based on the pricing for an additional user seat and the time remaining for such user seat(s) in the billing period.


Note: The automatic downgrading option is temporarily unavailable for Enterprise plan users. To enquire about downgrading an Enterprise plan, please contact us at support@appery.io.

Can I switch from an annual paid plan to a monthly?

Yes! We'll prorate the cost of your previous plan and add it as a credit to your account balance, which we'll put towards your future monthly payments on your new plan. Once the credit is entirely used, you will be charged the regular plan price every billing date.

When will I be charged?

Monthly plan

  • You will be charged the same day you sign up. After that, you will be charged automatically on the same day each month.

Annual plan

  • You will be charged the day you sign up. After that, you will be charged automatically on that same date each year. Overages will be charged monthly.

Please note that it is your responsibility to cancel the subscription if you no longer want to use Appery.io.

Do you have overage charges?

Yes, the overage charges are $00.00020 per platform call and 90¢ per GB of storage (please note that this includes database and file storage). There are no overage charges during the free trial period.


For annual plan subscribers, platform calls and overages are assessed monthly on the same day of the month as your renewal date. If you go over the limit, we will charge the overage cost using your credit card. If we are unable to charge your credit card, we will shorten your subscription.

How are my overage charges billed?

Overage charges are billed monthly for all plans. Even if you have a plan that is billed annually, you must have a valid credit card on file for potential overage charges.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. For the annual Team plan or Enterprise plan, we accept purchase orders and checks. Please contact support@appery.io for more information.

Do I need to keep paying for a subscription once the app is finished?

When your app uses Appery.io Back-End Services (Database, Push Notifications, API Express, Server Code, Hosting, Auto Update), you need to have an active subscription for these services to work. You also need an active subscription in order to make changes and publish app updates.


How do I purchase a Support Pack?

Signing up is easy. Simply go to your Account, log in, and click on Support Packs on the left side of the screen. Then click on the Buy Support Pack button. Select the amount of support time you need from our preset options of 5, 8, 16, 24, or 40 hours.

Do I get the full number of hours I purchased with a Support Pack?

Yes. You will get the full number of hours you select during purchase. That time will be allocated depending on your needs. Appery.io developer time is used for discovery, development, and troubleshooting, all according to your project’s unique needs.

How do I pay for it?

You can pay with a credit card, Paypal, or bank transfer.

What is the difference between the Education and Enhanced (Development) Support Packs you offer?

Can I buy more than 40 support hours?

Yes. To purchase more than 40 support hours, please contact us at support@appery.io.

What information will I need to provide my Appery.io experts when they reach out to me?

Any documentation you have will be helpful for our expert to move forward on your project. Requirements documents and wireframes are particularly useful for our developers to get started realizing your vision.
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