Ready-to-Go Online Store App Template for Shopify Users

Leverage the Template to Create an eCommerce App and Grow Your Business

Our Online Store App template combines the best of two platforms: the low-code functionality and robust customization from and powerful Shopify services.

Seamless Integration with Shopify

Explicitly designed for Shopify store owners, the eCommerce app template helps you sync your entire website catalog with a newly built mobile application by simply logging into your Shopify account or signing up for We grant you full ownership of and complete control over your app.

Rich Functionality

Our eCommerce app maker comes with all the necessary features to help your clients navigate the mobile store, search for items and filter goods by properties, view product images and descriptions, add items to the cart, and fill in shipping information. For checkout, users will be redirected to the Shopify page.

Codeless Customization

The drag-and-drop eCommerce app builder allows you to edit copy, replace banners, change their paths and link attributes, adjust visual element colors individually, or apply new color settings to the whole theme. Once you’re done, you can easily export your project to preview the application on a mobile device or publish it on the App Store or Google Play.

Check out this video to learn more about the eCommerce mobile app builder and ways to customize it:

To create an eCommerce app, make sure to study the full documentation provided by the team. eCommerce App Builder: FAQs

Can you help me build a shopping app?

Although you don’t need coding skills to customize the eCommerce app template, some Shopify store owners might want to enhance their applications with extra plugins or integrate them with third-party systems and services on the back end. And while we offer extensive documentation and easy-to-follow tutorials, we also provide end-to-end mobile app development, support, and training services for low-code newbies.

How much does it cost to create an eCommerce app with offers four plans starting from $25 per month, with a 14-day free trial available to all users. Your monthly or annual fee may depend on several factors, including the number of apps you intend to create, your team’s size, and the amount of monthly calls your application makes to the servers. It’s worth mentioning that all of our plans can be customized to better suit your unique business needs.

How technical is is the golden mean between no-code eCommerce app builders that frequently offer limited customization options and traditional mobile app development tools, which take years to master. To help Shopify store owners make the most of our eCommerce app template, we provide extensive documentation and always-on customer support via email and live chat.

Why should you opt for the Online Store App template?

With, you can make a professional-looking shopping app faster and significantly cheaper than with conventional methods. Additionally, you will get an eCommerce application that runs smoothly on all Android and iOS devices. Last but not least, you retain complete ownership of your app and can conveniently manage your project right from your development console, constantly adding new features and rolling out updates.

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