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Quickly add powerful functionality to your
app with plug-ins
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Extend Your App

Plug-ins are prepackaged REST API services,
pages, and data binding that add powerful
functionality to your app instantly.


Add Features

Instantly add features that you need in your app, like SMS
capability from AT&T, e-mail from SendGrid, data storage
from MongoLab, and many more.


Create New Plug-ins

Create your own custom private plug-ins to use
in your apps, or publish a plug-in as a project
template. You can even submit your plug-in to
the Appery.io Plug-in Directory.

Twilio SMS API

Easily send SMS messages from your mobile app with Twilio.

SendGrid Mail

Easily add e-mail capability with powerful SendGrid.

Mailgun Email API

Quickly and easily send emails from your mobile app.

MetaCert Security API

The MetaCert Security API plugin adds a thin, but very powerful layer of security to mobile apps.

Upload files to database

This plugin helps to quickly to implement files uploading to Appery.io database. This can be also a photo taken with the camera. Plugin can be configured to upload a file to any other backend.


This App enables users to read news from different categories offered by USA Today, provide information about last music, movies and book reviews. Also user can find top world salaries by different leagues and make a search by news catalog.

Facebook API

Quickly integrate Facebook authentication to you mobile app and invoke any Facebook API.


Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service for businesses

GitHub API

GitHub is the best place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and total strangers. Over three million people use GitHub to build amazing things together.

OAuth 2 Template

Simply implement OAuth authentication flow to integrate your app with hundreds of OAuth 2.0 providers by using this OAuth template.

Auth0 Identity Management

Auth0 is a cloud service, with APIs and tools that eliminate the friction of identity for your applications and APIs. By using Auth0, you can quickly and simply add the ability to connect with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many others social networks.

Bright Pattern

Live in-app customer service for enterprises and their customers.

Sirv Dynamic Imaging API

Sirv effortlessly serves your images, at any size, in an instant. Every image you upload to Sirv is immediately available to you, scaled or cropped to any size on-the-fly, responsively resized for any screen.