Easily Use GPT-4.o for Mobile Apps with Appery.io

Integrating GPT-4.o into your mobile applications has never been easier! Appery.io, a low-code app-building platform, simplifies the process. Read on to find out how to make your apps smarter with GPT-4.0!

What is GPT-4.o?

OpenAI’s new language model, GPT-4.o, can generate text that feels natural and engaging. It’s great for answering questions, chatting, or creating content. When combined with Appery.io, you can create powerful applications in no time.

In this video, we demonstrate how to create mobile and web applications that use a new model from OpenAI. The simplest way is to create an application from an existing GPT-4.o template. Let’s do that.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using GPT-4.o in Appery.io

Let’s get started with a simple app that uses GPT-4.o. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Create a New App: Start by creating a new application using Appery.io. You can start from an existing GPT-4.o template to make things even simpler.

2. Setup the API Key: To use GPT-4.o, you need an API key from OpenAI. Visit OpenAI’s website, create a new key, and name it. Copy this key and save it.

3. Configure API Key in Appery.io: Go to your app settings in Appery.io. Navigate to “Modeling Storage,” then “Storage,” and enter your API key under the “OpenAI API Key” variable.

4. Test Your App: Your app will now be ready to use GPT-4.o. There will be a single page where you can ask questions to GPT-4.o and receive answers. This simple setup can be tested by clicking the test button.

Creating a More Advanced App

To make a more advanced app, follow these additional steps:

1. Add GPT-4.o to an Existing App: If you already have an app, you can add a new page using the GPT-4.o page layout. This will integrate GPT-4.o into your existing app.

2. Customize Your App: You can rename the page, change its icon, and set it up so that clicking the tab takes users to the new GPT-4.o page.

3. Test and Improve: Always test your changes. Ask questions and see how GPT-4.o responds. You can refine responses to make your app more intelligent and useful.


Integrating GPT-4.o into mobile apps using Appery.io is quick and easy. You can create simple or advanced applications with just a few steps. This powerful combination can take your app to the next level, offering users a smart and engaging experience. Try it out and see the difference! Don’t forget to like and support us if you find this guide helpful.

Happy app building!