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Let’s contemplate a bit on why conversion rates might drop, particularly in mobile traffic. One of the reasons for traffic loss is that a profile link in social media opens in a browser. Before a user subscribes to the page, sees a post, likes it, or converts, they need to take several additional steps: at a minimum, they will have to log in again. As a result, only the “chosen ones,” those extremely interested in purchasing, will reach the target action. The likelihood of impulsive purchases is eliminated because most users who open your social networks in a browser will simply leave. This problem is solved by deep linking. And in 2024, for some unknown reason, not all targeters, marketers, webmasters, and SMM specialists use them in their work.

What Deeplinks Are

Let’s delve into what “deeplinks” are, why they are needed, and how to use them! What is a deep link? A deeplink is a link that immediately takes the client into a mobile application, shortening the path from clicking on an advertisement to performing the target action. Essentially, this tool helps apps work like websites, allowing links to be clicked on web pages, emails, SMS, or any other applications. Deeplinks lead to specific content or sections of a web resource/application. Arbitrators can manually configure it at their discretion, customizing the client’s path through the application. What can deeplinks do besides redirecting to an app?

– Collect stats on transitions and clicks;

– Get indexed by search engines;

– Integrate into QR codes.

The tool’s advantages we’ve already mentioned include improving the client experience and functioning on all platforms.

However, there are also cons to adding deeplinks:

– Unattractive appearance: Generated links often are long and awkward. This can deter some users; the overly cautious ones might consider a deeplink an attempt at phishing. Measures to counter this include using a landing page with a clear URL or going to URL shortening services.

– Setup complexity: Deeplinks have different implementation mechanisms on different operating systems, and the arbitrator must consider this when creating deeplinks.

– Limited functionality: Using deeplinks restricts the functionalities of some apps.

– App support requirement: For continuous use of deeplinks, the app must support their functionality.

To summarize briefly, using these links increases conversion rates and improves user experience but requires additional technical skill from the webmaster—or budget to hire specialists with these skills.

Luckily, there are mobile building platforms that support building app with the deeplinks functionality already implemented.

Unlock the Power of Deeplinks with Appery.io

With Appery.io, incorporating deeplinks into your apps is straightforward. Deeplinks offer a seamless way to guide users directly to specific content within your app, enhancing user experience and engagement. Imagine the convenience of clicking a link that doesn’t just open your app but takes the user straight to the desired page.

1. Effortless Integration Thanks to Appery.io’s intuitive interface, integrating deeplinks into your app is incredibly easy. Import the deeplink plugin with just a few clicks and experience how it transforms navigation within your app.

2. Cross-Platform Compatibility Appery.io supports both iOS and Android platforms. This means your deeplinks will work smoothly whether your users are on an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy.

3. Enhanced User Engagement Deeplinks ensure that users are just one click away from the content they want, reducing friction and improving user engagement. This feature is especially useful for marketing campaigns, user onboarding, and customer retention strategies.

Watch Our Detailed Video for More Insights Want a step-by-step guide on how to use deeplinks in Appery.io? We’ve got you covered! Our detailed video tutorial walks you through the entire process so you can see deeplinks in action and learn how to implement them effortlessly. Don’t miss out — click below to watch the video now!

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